Apartments near University of La Verne

If you're like most people, work, school, and life, in general, take up a lot of brain space. Finding the perfect place to live shouldn't be a stressful process that takes up even more mental bandwidth. You want somewhere that's safe, comfortable, and also fits your lifestyle. Located in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, Amber Ridge is not only nestled in a beautiful part of California, but it's also a community of apartments near University of La Verne. In just 5 minutes you can be at the university, and in 30 minutes, you can be living it up in downtown Los Angeles. Whether you work as part of the faculty or staff, or you are a graduate student at La Verne, Amber Ridge is the perfect place to call home.


Mere proximity is reason enough to consider these beautiful apartments. If you're a graduate student, you have already found out that on-campus housing is limited. You are likely looking for a place to live that offers the benefits of on-campus life with the benefits of an off-campus location. Amber Ridge is close enough to offer just that. The campus is less than a mile and a half away, which means you can hop out of bed and quickly be at your morning class, or you can meet a friend at the last minute for a study session. Or invite the study session or business meeting to come to you! The business center or even the resort-style pool are excellent venues if you're looking for a change of scenery. La Verne faculty have a similar advantage, especially living in the Los Angeles area. Not many people around here can say they've got a 5-minute commute to work. Being able to live this close to downtown LA yet still enjoy a stress-free morning and afternoon commute is priceless.


At La Verne, you get a small-town vibe that's also close to a major metropolitan area. There's even a quaint spot with Victorian and craftsman homes you can casually explore nearby. Here, you can shop and dine without feeling like you're in the big city. Our newly remodeled apartments are sure to meet your high standards for eco-friendly living, as well as energy resource conservation. The green space that surrounds our community also meets your need for a small-town atmosphere. However, it's great to have options! Getting to LA couldn't be easier. Amber Ridge provides easy access to public transportation, so you can get around LA county without having to drive. Use the Pomona Metrolink Station to travel to downtown Los Angeles, and even make connections to Amtrak to get yourself where you want to go.


Having floor plan options is huge for anyone looking to share rent responsibilities, or anyone who has a family of their own. Sharing your living space with friends is a great option for graduate students who want to live somewhere nice, that is also super close to campus. Also, Amber Ridge is pet-friendly, and there are on-site amenities that everyone can appreciate: in-unit laundry options, swimming pool to help you relax after a crazy day, fitness center for helping you keep up an exercise routine, and even a pet salon to keep your pup looking her best! If you work or study at University of La Verne, you'll love the luxury and convenience of Amber Ridge apartments. Built to suit your needs and the lifestyle you imagine, La Verne is the perfect community to help you not just live your life but also enjoy it. If you're looking for apartments near University of La Verne, contact us today to schedule a tour or to learn more about our apartment rental community.
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